Reviews about Flekosteel

  • Astrid
    I was at the rink, I fell there and I seriously injured my back. The doctor recommended Flekosteel as a warming, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Indeed, it helped after the first use. In a few weeks, all the symptoms were gone! She also cured a strong cough. Just in case, I bought myself some reserve packs.
  • Florian
    For several years, I have suffered from osteochondrosis, which causes unbearable back pain. Children have found many recommendations and good reviews on the flekosteel. Ordered on the internet. The frost just saved me! No more pain, no more weakness, improved vision and hearing, and the best part I feel 10 years younger! Now I will advise all my friends and acquaintances.
  • Natascha
    I kind of stretched the ligaments in my leg, the doctors predicted the treatment would take a long time. I was lucky enough to find Flekosteel again, and in a little over a week the ligaments recovered, the pain was gone. She began to walk normally, took her sick leave to work. Now the whole family uses the gel, it helps with everything - back pain, joints or whatever.
  • Jonathan
    Flekosteel gel has helped me a lot with a knee injury that I suffered during training. The knee was very swollen, hardly moved, and of course the leg was unbearable. But with the help of this remedy, I returned to work after 5 days, and the edema was gone and the sensitivity was restored on the first day.
  • Tobias
    They were very painful in the back from osteochondrosis, which is not surprising at my age. My wife came across Flekosteel on the Internet and we, after consultation, decided to order it. To my surprise, the gel really helped - the back pain started to go away on day one. Before, I was unable to sit up all morning, but now everything is fine!
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